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    Default A call to all Flyers

    The following is my view and thoughts on LDGC:

    When I decided to join LDGC about 3 years ago I did so hoping to be a part of a group with the same love and passion for disc golf as I. While this at that time was true, I believe that somewhere some of those involved lost this, thus leading to where we are now. How many of you flyers out there have any idea of what is truly happening within LDGC? How many flyers within had a voice in the current selection to the leadership of LDGC? How many more of you truly wish to be a part in growing a child's game we love to play?

    I am no way slamming anyone, as at the end of 2013 I was a part of this problem, not because I stopped caring but because of my grandmother in and out of the hospital, rehab, and her staying with my wife and I every few days. But I am asking that the Flyers of LDGC to take flight and unite. We all have a history and past, and don't always see eye to eye on everything, but a common ground has always been for the love of this game. I believe that for LDGC to continue to grow that the board as is must step down and that LDGC should hold elections for every spot so that those that would like to be more active can. I believe our wheels are spinning but we are stuck somewhere between neutral and reverse. Without this and the disc golf community still divided that we in Louisville will never see any new courses and no improvements.

    I believe we have a chance to accomplish something very special. I believe that we have the chance to show those in this area that a group made up of people from all across town can work together instead of fighting. I believe in a child's game that can have far reaching impact than any of us could have imagined. I believe in the true love of a game.

    I believe now is the time for all flyers in our area to unite and take flight!
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