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Thread: Glo discs - need some insight

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    Default Glo discs - need some insight

    Im looking for some insight on Glo discs. What is the best way to "charge" them and how long do they glow? Will they last a whole round? Is there a particular glo plastic that is better than another?

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    Jay, first-it would be great if they would last a round. You typically have to "charge" them every shot. It seems glowing charge from all the major manufacturers is pretty short lived. Most of us that play glow often have a hand held black light. They work better than your typical flashlight. Another option is taping a small led light to the underside of champion plastic. As long it doesn't get knocked off of you disc, that will last a full round.

    That being said, I am getting a new material to test. It's a glow tape that is supposed to have superior glow staying power.

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    Hey, Wal-Mart sells tape that illuminates. I used it this past week end at the Pumpkin Shootout. It was great.

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