I first became active in the disc golf community in 2008 when I was asked to make a caddy book for the CVO. After that I didnít look back. I ran a league, numerous tournaments, served as the club Vice President. Martin and I worked together to design Seviren. But now I find myself at the end of a 3 year term as President. Itís been 6 years since I became actively involved in the sport I think itís time for me to take a break from disc golf.

Iíve got a few commitments to honor, I will be running the S.I.C. (Southern Indiana Classic, Oct 5, one round at Buffalo and one at Seviren), I plan to run the Seviren Lang Memorial every year and I will finish out my term as President.

So what does this mean? I believe the club is moving in the right direction, the amount of growth Iíve seen both in the club and disc golf community is very exciting. Weíve got more active involved in the club now than ever before and this is a great opportunity for more people to step in and help make the club even better.

There will be an announcement soon about the next board meeting. If youíre interested in taking an active part of the future of the club this will be a great meeting for you to attend.

I donít know how long this break will last, and you might see me on the course occasionally. Itís been a fun adventure serving as your president, but disc golf is taking up too large a portion of my life right now and I need to focus on other things like spending more time with my wife, getting back to my music, and playing tennis.

Adam Embrey