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    Just wanted to thank Justin for playing a round with a noob like me two weeks ago at Vettiner and showing me the course. It was intimidating as can be for a guy like me that honestly deals with fairly severe social anxiety. The fact that he is much better than me didn't help either, and I know that intimidates a lot of people. The reality is that he acknowledged that he's been there too, everyone starts somewhere, and he didn't give me crap for being so bad. So my advice to others that are new is to get out and play with some people that are more experienced. Why?

    Well, today my wife and I hit up Vettiner. I learned one thing in particular from Justin, and that was the importance of the wrist flick in making the disc spin so as to maintain flight. Well, today I threw so much better than usual. On the first hole I hit literally the first tree to the right off the tee, which is pretty pathetic. I then picked it up and with a flick of the wrist threw it all the way to the basket and in. Had I done that from the tee I could have had my first Ace, instead I got it in two, and was super excited to see one go in from that distance. In fact, I made a couple really long putts, one from the other side of the road on 9 when I sailed way out of bounds. I got a couple of pars today, hit 17 in 4 throws (not sure what par is there, didn't check), and the game became that much more fun because I learned one little tip from Justin. Used a mid-range all day (Cobra), and am getting much better control over my throws. Hope to graduate to drivers someday.

    So thanks to Justin, and to others that are new, get out and throw with someone that can give you a pointer or two. I threw better than I ever have. I'm still likely to hit that tree right in front of me, but I also might just uncork one right into the basket from long range too now.
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