I made it over to Prides Creek, the new course in Petersburg, IN, today. It's probably 25 or 30 miles west of Patoka Lake. Hell of a course. Lots of water, including one shot I didn't even try. There's about a 275' carry, and that's about what I can do with a pretty perfect throw in perfect conditions so I went to the am pad.

I only hit the water in one spot (which wasn't a long carry at all, I just clipped a tree that hangs out over the pond,) but luckily Dane Prevo, one of the designers of the course (along with Nick Fest,) was trolling the water in his kayak using his homemade extended retriever.

It's a perfectly manicured park and there's no woods so other than the water there really shouldn't be any way for you to lose a disc. Lots of wide open grip & rip holes with good usage of the mature old-growth trees. Some level of elevation change on every hole.

Can't wait to play my next new one, which should be the "Cranbury" course in Connecticut Sunday. Check it out on dgcoursereview.com.