I bought an MVP Volt driver because 1. I thought it looked cool and 2. They speak of gyroscopics being built into the discs and helping it to fly better in whatever way. Okay, nobody accused me of being a flight specialist, but I thought I'd buy a disc and try it because I have a lot of issues driving. I got it, tried it today along with some of my other drivers and mids (all Innova), and WOW!, I've never thrown a disc so far and so straight in my life (just ask poor Justin, who was nice enough to play a round at Vettiner with me last weekend). Seems like with most discs I either accentuate their natural hyzer or anhyzer (maybe the speed of my arm, maybe an inconsistent angle of release), but with the Volt I could throw farther and straighter than before. I also picked up an Ion putter because I needed one, but haven't tried it yet. Just did a little field work today.

Anybody else use their discs? I'd love to hear your experiences. I may pick up some of their other discs and try them.