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    Default 2013 4th of July Fundraiser

    Take flight before the fireworks hit the sky!!!!!!

    4th of July Flying Fundraiser

    Where: Charlie Vettiner Disc Golf Course

    Rolling tee times 8am-130pm

    Awards roughly at 4pm

    Come support the CVO by flying a round or two or three.....

    Make a bad shot and help the CVO even more by purchasing a mully

    Don't like your score, enter the 2nd chance pool

    Pro/Adv (1950 Rating cap): $40 per team

    Int/Rec (1850 Rating cap): $20 per team

    $10 per team will go towards the CVO

    Pro/Adv: $20
    Int/Rec: $10

    $5 per person will go toward CVO

    So you flew poorly and want a 2nd chance, then enter the 2nd Chance/Better your Score Pool

    Pro/Adv: $30 per team
    Int/Rec: $10 per team

    Pro/Adv: $15
    Int/Rec: $5

    $2.50 per person will go toward the CVO

    So your disc didn't fly how you wanted and want a redo, then buy a Mulligan.

    $1 per mulligan
    Can be purchased before round or during round
    75 cents of each mully purchased will go towards the CVO, with the remaining 25 cents to be added to the purse of the division of the purchaser
    Only limitation is the cash in your pocket

    Come out and take flight before the fireworks take over the nights sky
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