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Thread: Cheapest way to get a few ok discs together for a beginnerr? EBay?


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    Default Cheapest way to get a few ok discs together for a beginnerr? EBay?

    Hello all,
    While camping at Buffalo Trace I got the interest in trying disc golf. A single trip to Dick's Sporting Goods and sixty dollars spent got me 3 new Innova discs (all easy throwers by their charts)
    While driving to Buffalo Trace to camp, and try my new discs, my disabled son decided that the most expensive one needed to go out the window of the van... he kept this a secret for a while till it was too late to know where it went. it still had the price tag on it... sniff...

    Is ebay one of the better ways to get used discs at a low cost?
    Edit... I just ordered a lot of 20 used disks from ebay...
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    I bought 3 new Innova discs to get started, my son threw one out the window on the way to the course within 30 minutes of purchase, is this a record? Its surviving siblings are Innova RoadRunner and Innova StarMako.

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