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Thread: Pickup Games?

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    Default Pickup Games?

    Retired Army, not native to the area, looking for regular pickup games or a group of Disc Golfers who play regularly, I am not a tournament player.

    Is there a place where pickup games are posted or announced?

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    About the only regular gatherings of people I know of are basically the leagues that are run. Our club runs leagues on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

    Tuesday - Charlie Vettiner - 6:30
    Wednesday - Iroquois - 6:00
    Thursday - Seviren Lang - 6:30

    The cost to play in these is only $6 or $7 if you want in the ace pool. It is a very relaxed environment. Both the Tuesday and Thursday leagues alternate between singles and doubles each week. This week will be singles at Vettiner and doubles at Seviren Lang. The Tuesday league is always played as a doubles format. Doubles are set up as a pro paired with an am.

    Like I said, these leagues are nothing like a tournament atmosphere, and they are super relaxed. The more you get out and play with these groups, the more people that you can meet and who you could then meet up with to play casual rounds on the weekends or other week days.

    Another thing I just thought of is that with the Tuesday leagues at Vettiner, we are trying a new thing this year and the first Tuesday of every month we go to Johnny V's after the round. They have buy one get one free pizza and $2 craft beer. It is to encourage a more social atmosphere than just showing up every week, playing, and leaving. Would be a good chance to meet some people.

    I don't know if this was quite the answer you were looking for because of the paying aspect, but I would definitely encourage you to at least come out and try it once. Hopefully you find that you like it.
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    If you are near E-town, I play Freeman most afternoons.
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    I am retired and a vet (82nd Abn) My phone 502-955-9614 I can play about anytime as long as it doesn't interfere with my fishing. Give m e a call if you want to play, I can show you some of the local courses.

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