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Thread: Morning disc golf.... Morning leagues?

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    Default Morning disc golf.... Morning leagues?

    Working 2nd shift has meant I have missed out on all the league fun. I play disc golf before work usually around 9 or so. I was wondering if there was anyone else who is in this same situation. It would be nice to be an active member in the club and participate in leagues. So would anyone be interested in morning rounds? And if there is enough people who would be willing to show up, would it be possible to create a morning league? If someone from the club could give some direction that would be great. Like I said I'd like to begin participating within the club much more.

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    This is the 1st I've heard of someone wanting to do this. You asked a great question? I'm sure if you wanted to take charge of this the club would be more than willing to help anyway possible. I run the Tuesday night league at Charlie Vettiner.

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    send Adam a proposal with the day you would like to do so, time, course or courses, Who will be running it & he will get the ball rolling on everything needed.

    this is something i would be willing to play in IF school was still in. Now with kiddos out for the summer i'm stuck. & 10am sounds better

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