My wife and I started playing disc golf a few years ago, played a few times at Seviren Lang and Buffalo Trace, and then had to hang it up for some bigger life related reasons. We got past all of the life stuff, and now we've started playing again. We drive up to Seviren Lang once a week if possible (we live in Clarksville) to play, and I've been told by others that isn't the greatest course for beginners. We've lost a good number of discs, lol. All inked with our name and number, but we lost them good enough that nobody ever found them, or just nobody called.

Anyway, we started out learning on drivers, and then I recently read that we should probably start on mids to get our form down and a feel for the game with discs that might be more forgiving. We went out there Sunday and just used mids and although we got drenched in the rain, we did have noticeably more control. Still not much distance, but we didn't have much of that with our drivers either, in fact, maybe less.

So, my question is how long did it take you to get comfortable enough playing that you could control your discs and not fly off into the deep woods somewhere? I'm sure that even the best players have an errant throw here and there, but it gets frustrating trying to find discs in the woods or thorns all the time. We've played each Sunday for the past 4 or 5, and I don't expect to be great right out of the box, and we noticed improvement with control with the mids, but how long did it take you guys to get your form down and feel comfortable with your drives? Did you go practice for hours and hours in open fields? I've watched a ton of videos, and some leave me more confused than others, but ultimately I know the x-step and have trouble maintaining good form, as it is unlike the form in other sports I've played.

Just thought I'd say Hi and see what the learning curve on this game is for others.