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    Default Lost at CV

    Yellow Driver on hole 9. Disc made it out into the opening but dove pretty hard left and I never found it. Don't know what kind of disc it was b/c the stamp was removed and I found it myself (no number on disc). Would like it back but if you find it and like it you can keep. It's not really mine NEways.

    Question though: That is the second disc I have seen get lost on that hole when they make it out into clearing (past the treeline on the left). Both discs just completely disappeared. Is there a spot that they funnel down to? Both times we looked from the tee box on 8 through the woods all the way back up the hill and found nothing? Bermuda Triange?

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    from personal experience, they sometimes turn into rollers and shoot straight down the hill and continue down the path toward the lake. this has happened to me twice. then there is also the chance that someone found it before you got there.

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