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    Default Board of Directors minutes 3/4/13

    Our next meeting date will be announced very soon and club members are welcome to come.

    Louisville Disc Golf Club

    Board of Director Meeting

    March 4, 2013
    Adam Embrey called themeeting to order at 6:15 PM. Members in attendance were Adam Embrey, Martin Young, Jim Reynolds, Mark Wampler, James McCormick, and Judge Blevins. Members absent were Dave Greenwell, Sam Shaheen, and Phil Roberts. Visitors in attendance were Eric Parr and Rik Downs.
    Establishing a Quorum for a Meeting. James McCormick made a motion that five (5) board members must be present to have a quorum for a meeting. 2nd by Martin Young. Approved by all (6-0).
    Articles of Incorporation. Peter Naake forwarded a draft of the Articles of Incorporation for theLouisville Disc Golf Club. It was recommended that Peter Naake be listed as the Incorporator. Mark Wampler volunteered to be listed as the Registered Agent.
    Membership section discussion on XXXXX or continue.
    Charlie Vettiner Park Project. The project was discussed. Several Board Members attended the Metro Parks Open House earlier in the day.
    Election of Officers. President, Adam Embrey and Treasurer, Judge Blevins volunteered tocontinue their respective term of office. Jim Reynolds nominated Martin Young as Vice-President. 2ndby Adam Embrey. No other nomination. Approved by all (6-0). Martin Young nominated Jim Reynolds as Secretary. 2nd by Judge Blevins. No other nominations. Approved by all (6-0).
    Term Limits for Officers. Mark Wampler made a motion thatall officers serve a one (1) year term. 2nd by Martin Young. After a discussion, Mark Wampler rescinded his motion. Mark Wampler made a motion to appoint a committee to research term limits. 2nd by Judge Blevins. Approved by all (6-0). Jim Reynolds, Martin Young, and MarkWampler volunteered to serve on the committee.
    Merchandise. Martin Young reported that there is approximately $1,500.00 worth of discs, shirts, and miscellaneous merchandisein inventory. It was suggested that thenew merchandise be split between the League Directors for sale. It was suggested that miscellaneous older merchandise be given to Tommy Bronson for the Louisville Classic. It was suggested that all shirt orders be distributed as soon as possible and Mark Wampler would inventory the remaining shirts.
    Newsletter. Eric Parr presented information about establishing an electronic newsletter for the club. Similar to the PDGA newsletter, the clubcould use the newsletter to disperse club information, promote events, sellsponsorships, etc. Price for his services was $20.00 for up to five-hundred-and-one (501) emails and $30.00 not to exceed two-thousand-five-hundred (2,500) emails. The club would be required to provide email addresses and prepay for six (6) months. Adam Embrey made a motion to proceed with the newsletter. 2ndby Martin Young. Approved by all (6-0). Martin Young will provide content offirst letter to Eric. The first newsletter will go out approximately one week after the Louisville Classic.
    Taylorsville Disc Golf Course. Rik Downs provide information on the progress of Taylorsville Disc Golf Course andtheir status as a 501.3c. Currently,they have cleared 90% of the course. During the clearing, several trees were removed that now must bereplaced. They are in need of fifteen(15) trees, four (4) foot tall, that are indigenous to the area.
    Eric Parr’s Private Course. Martin Young and Adam Embrey announced the planning of a private course being developed by Eric Parr.
    Edwardsville Spring Cleanup. TheEdwardsville Spring Cleanup benefits Seviren Lang Disc Golf Course. Club members and disc golfers will be asked to participate in this year’s cleanup on April 27th. Adam Embrey made a motion for the club to sponsor the event for $100.00. 2nd by Jim Reynolds. Approved (5-1); James McCormick opposed.
    Charlie Vettiner Work Session.
    Martin Young announced that work session at Charlie Vettiner will begin soon andsuggested the club participate in the Mayor’s Give Away.
    Other miscellaneous discussions. Plan work day for Seviren Lang. Preparation of a one (1) year to five(5) year plan for tournaments, outreach, etc. James McCormick needs an assistant for Wednesday night leagues. The Charlie Vettiner Open needs a non-playingtournament director.Judge Blevins made a motion to adjourn. 2ndby Adam Embrey. Approve by all (6-0).

    April Meeting

    Club Finances and Business
    Financial report
    General liability insurance
    Term Limits
    501c3 updates
    Website updates
    Bg ams ldgc/prodigy success
    Posters for club events at muldraigh, rts, sisc, play itagain sports, etc...
    Thoughts on newsletter


    We've reached nearly 100 members. I'd like to see a push to pass that number.
    Spreadsheet / database
    Data collection / standardized form
    Website / forum status and plans


    Basket raffle fundraiser and member drive
    Sponsorship gotten by members drawings proposal and give away more than one at each level but you can only be entered into highest category you reach. Drawing at CVO
    less than 100 give away disc or 2
    101-200 give away club shirt
    201-300 give away shirt and discs
    301-400 PDGA membership
    401+ free entry into a tournament


    Supporting Heroes
    Kids Cafe


    Sanctioning leagues
    League posters
    Am prize payouts at leagues
    Wed League Asst.

    Work Projects

    Cvo work projects
    Seviern work day


    Seviern Lang Memorial (SLM)
    Charlie Vettiner Open (CVO)
    spotters needed total of 6
    Sponsors needed goal is $5000 to pro and $1000 towards ams to pay for players packs
    Sam players party?
    Date for another fundraiser in June
    Amateur tourney - with cash added - club fundraiser
    More posters to advertise cvo fundraiser at iq
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    Our next board meeting is May 6, 2013 beginning with dinner at Johnny V's at 6pm with the meeting to start at 7pm sharp.

    Johnny V's
    10509 Watterson Trail, Louisville, KY 40299
    Where we have strong emotions, we're liable to fool ourselves. – Carl Sagan

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    Hey everyone dont forget LDGC meeting monday night

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