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Thread: B.G. AMs HOW did YOU DO ?


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    Default B.G. AMs HOW did YOU DO ?

    I played Rec H

    Miller - 57
    White - 68
    Giffin - 60
    Lovers - 59 ( Tie WON card but give my tourney stamped disc to the 12 year old whom i tied with. he kinda pouted for it lol )
    FINISHED 97th at + 20

    I beat Robin Scott by 5 shots LMFAO

    FAVE COURSE Lovers
    least fave Miller

    Had a blast & will be there again next year

    So how did the rest of LDGC player do ? DO TELL

    i know you can see all this for the most part on PDGA but this gives a better feel & input
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