Louisville is hosting the Give a Day Mayors Volunteer week for the second year

Last year we did a majority of the mulching and gravel that all of you have enjoyed this past year.

We are continuing this work and there are plans to mulch and gravel 70% of the holes in various wet, muddy, and eroding areas.

Mark your calendar for April 14th - 19th

Work schedule to be announced soon. Work days will be weather pending and such.

I expect to run morning, midday, and early evening workdays - everyday throughout the week.

Wheel barrows, shovels, pitch forks, pickup trucks, gloves are the tools that will be needed. But most importantly if all local golfers can come and help at least one work session during the week we can have Charlie Vettiner looking amazing as we enter the Spring.

Metro Parks wants to know that disc golfers are willing to help take care of the courses...so the more volunteer hours that we can turn in the better...this is one of the doors that will help lead us to future courses on Metro Park Land.