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Trophy only for novice/rec...maybe intermediate...on the fence for adv

Giving ams a reason to start moving up is important as our sport continues to grow guys who have been playing a for more then a year or two need to be moving out of rec to open up competitive spots for new players
I partly agree with you, but being an advanced player, I'll give you my reason why I do not believe it should happen for advanced. By playing in advanced, you are playing in the top am division which means for some that they could probably play open, but just would not often be in the running to cash. Players in the advanced level are a little more competitive, and, at least me personally, when I am competing, I want more back than just what it cost me to get in. I would rather it be like pros for advanced and not get a players pack to actually compete for a payout that is much better than the entry fee. If I don't play well enough to cash, and I don't receive anything at all then that is on me. I need to work harder to do better next time. Disc golf is one of the only sports to just give people stuff for just paying to play. In most other sports, if you don't do well enough to place, you walk away with nothing. I'm not at all saying this is the best way for rec or intermediate. There should probably still be a players pack for them, but I don't think many advanced players would argue against a bigger payout in lieu of a players pack (as with anything though, there are always some who will gripe).

That being said, a trophy in addition to other stuff that still equals out to the same payout would be awesome. I like the tournaments I have won that have given out a trophy. It gives you something to show others who come visit your house or whatever.