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Thread: Players pack + trophy only Rec?


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    Default Players pack + trophy only Rec?

    I was reading that Dynamic Discs is running all their tournament where the Rec division gets their money back in players pack and then basically plays trophy only.

    The recreational division was converted to trophy only for the 2012 season and remains that way for 2013. These recreational players usually pay around $35 and receive a players package worth well over that and often compete for additional prizes.
    I see how this could turn off some Rec players who are very competitive, but on the other hand if you're that competitive it won't be long until you move up. I think it could be good giving Rec players their money back in discs so they always get something for playing and never lose anything, however they don't really have the opportunity to win more than what they put in either.

    It's an interesting discussion, what are your thoughts about it?

    Here's the full article about it.
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