Now that this winter season leagues is coming to an end i'm asking for feed back to better next winters Snow Globe league.

My feelings

We play on Saturday for many reasons.

1. won't interfere with O.C. series league.
2. No longer interfere with NFL playoffs
3. No longer interfere with NASCAR races

Tighten up where we play even more so.
1 trip to B.T.
forget F.F. all together
& play more at our local courses.

I feel that keeping the singles & doubles is good

Maybe offer PDGA rated rounds on singles play

Courses i would like to have on the schedule for 2013 / 2014
Jim Ashtons

1 stop at B.T. Doubles

& if any new courses pop up within 30 minute drive of Louisville.

THANKS for all & any of your input.

Mike D