There was an open house Monday to discuss the construction going on at Charlie Vettiner and everything should be good to go for the Classic.

Here's the plan. Right now half the parking loop is closed. They plan to have it filled in with gravel and re-opened for the Classic on the 16th. After the Classic they will close the other half and gravel it. In April (weather dependent of course), they will close the entire loop temporarily for roughly a week while they pave it.

If you haven't been to the course recently, there are silt fences you have to step over or around on a few holes but they don't come into play, if anything they could keep you in bounds on a few holes. There is a 4-5 foot tall orange construction fence on hole 11's fairway as you approach the basket, but that's the only real obstruction from all the construction.

When it's all done we're going to have 34 parking spaces (yes actual parking spaces) in the loop and the deteriorating loop road is going to be brand new! Thanks so much to the parks department for all their effort and hard work on this project!