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    Default 2013 Bag Tag Kickoff Tournament

    2013 Bag Tag Kickoff Tournament

    Iroquois Park

    Saturday, March 2

    2 Rounds

    All entrants will pay at least $10 for a tag. If you are not a club member and want to become one, you can pay $15 for the tag. This is completely optional as even if you are not a club member you can still pay just $10 for a tag. If you also want to play for a cash payout, here is what you will pay in addition to the $10:

    No payout - $0 (In other words, you are just paying for a tag and playing for a tag)
    Am 2 - $10
    Am 1 - $15
    Pro - $25

    The initial $10 for the tag will go directly towards the bag tag payout, but for this tournament, all of the extra buy in gets paid out.

    Everyone will play from the long pads and tags will be handed out on a pure score system. The lowest score gets the lowest numbered tag. The end of the year tournament will have a handicapping system in place, but not this one.

    If you want to pre-register, payments can be sent via paypal as a gift to
    If you do this, please send a message with your name, division, and email and/or phone number. This is so that we can send out emails or texts notifying you of upcoming bag tag tournaments.

    The field is limited to 75 players.

    Players meeting at 9:00. Tee-off at 9:30.

    There will be at least 2 CTPs.
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