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    Default 2013 USDGC State Representative

    2013 USDGC Qualifier Series
    March 16 - Louisville Classic
    April 27-28 - Lexington Open
    May 25-26 - SOKY Championships
    June 29-30 - Madisonville Open

    Kentucky residents will be ranked via Peformance Scoring. You must be a current PDGA member at the time of a tournament to receive points for that event. After each event, players will be ranked from 1 to ?? based on the amount they improve on their rating.
    All players rated below 875 will be scored against a rating of 875 as opposed to actual rating. Any player must have a minimum eight rated rounds to receive points for an event.
    I will present more detailed instructions as the first tournament draws near.

    If you have questions, fire away.
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