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    Default CVO fundraising

    Ok guys we have officially started fundraising for CVO. The CFR discs discs are in I have champion glow Teebirds, Firebirds, and Rhynos. It is never too soon to start lining up sponsors so if you know any go a head and start asking now. If you need any info from me just ask.

    Prices are 20 each
    Club member price 16 each

    175 x 16
    Stamp colors
    Blue x 3
    Gold x 4
    Green x 4
    Purple x 5

    White 172 x 2
    White 171
    White 170

    Teebirds all 175
    Light blue x 5
    Teal x 4
    Red x 5
    Silver x 5

    175 x 20
    Black x 4
    Silver x 6
    Purple x 4
    Blue x 6

    Black 171 x 2
    Blue 171
    Purple 171

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