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Thread: New Plastic Suggestions for Watts 2.0


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    Default New Plastic Suggestions for Watts 2.0

    I haven't really played in the past two years and one of my resolutions is to reboot this year. I'd say that in the past two years I MAYBE played ten full rounds of disc golf. I plan on doing a whole lot of playing and nothing that even resembles work (so don't ask *wink*). The newest disc mold in my bag is an Xcaliber. I've yet to throw an Ape, Archon, Dominator, Krait, Mamba, TeeDevil, Vulcan, or Wahoo.

    I went out and threw yesterday and I haven't really lost my distance. I'd say I'm hitting 500' to 550' pretty consistantly. Do I need to try any of these or will my Destroyers and Xcalibers still get me where I need to go? I'm curious about this Roc3 too since there are never less than three Rocs in my bag.

    EDIT: Oh yeah...if you have suggestion please keep them Innova only. I'm a little anal in that sense.
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