The Champion Tern (12/6/-2/2) flies like a Sidewinder on steroids or a Katana with more glide, a little more turn and a little less low speed over stability. Big distance for modest efforts. Meant for players with 325 to 375 ft power.
Comes out in late Feburary . . . BUT: Innova is allowing Bowling Green to senn the first release as a fund raising disc for the BG AMS!
Get them when you sign up, or e-mail for some early. $20 (includes shipping).
We also are offering Champion Flat Top Firebirds, and Champion Blizzard Glow Dominators in our fund raising discs.
All max weight, and send me your color preferance if you are interested.

I also have 50 of the new Innova Champion ROC 3 first release (star stamp) ifyou are interested ($20)