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Thread: 2012 End of the Year Bag Tag Tourney

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    Default 2012 End of the Year Bag Tag Tourney

    2012 bag tag end of the year tournament

    2012 bag tag is an entry fee
    $25 entry if no tag

    Sunday December 9th at Charlie Vettiner

    Player’s meeting 9:00 am
    Tee off directly afterward

    Format will be one round of 18 and final 9. Everyone will play the first round with a handicapping system. The top two golfers from each card will move onto the final 9 with a similar handicapping system.

    The handicapping system will be based on what pool the player is placed in. Pool A will play all longs, B will have the option to play 4 short pads, C has the option to use 9 short pads, D has the option to use 13 short pads, and E has the option to play all 18 short pads for the first round of 18. The final nine will also have short pads with pools A, B, C, D, and E being able to use 0, 2, 4, 7, and 9 short pads respectively. The first round will be played using a modified skins type of scoring. The player who shoots the solo lowest score on a hole gets a point. If two or more people tie with the lowest score then there are no points scored. Points do not carry over to the next hole. The two players with the highest score on the card will advance to the final nine. The final nine will be played with standard golf scoring with lowest score winning. If there is a tie for first, then the two players will play a sudden death playoff starting on hole 1 of the regular course from all long pads.

    The pools were decided somewhat based on ratings but people can be moved to different pools. If you feel like you or someone else is in the wrong pool, say something and we will decide if they need to be moved.

    The cards for the first round will be determined based on what tag number the player brings. The lowest tag will start on the first card, the second lowest will start on the second card, third on the third card, etc. and then the rotation will start again on the first card once a player was placed on all cards.

    The final nine cards will be determined based on who is ready at the time. If four people are ready, they can make a card and start their final nine. Players have a max of one hour after the first round before they must be back to start the final nine. Payouts will be determined after everyone has finished their final nine.

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    Here are the current pools. If you think someone is not in the correct pool then say something and we will decide if they should be moved. Also, I do not think I have everyone on this list so let me know if you see someone who should be on this list and I will add them.

    Pool A
    Matt Kern
    Eric Gallusser
    Martin Young
    Robby Wildt
    Daniel Allgeier
    James McCormick
    Mickey Pennington
    Scott Payne
    Adam Higdon
    Kyle Lynch

    Pool B
    Josh Cooley
    Larry Sneegas
    Will Burke
    Kevin Hall
    Justin Marquess
    Brian Wilson
    Sam Shaheen
    Brady Barnett
    Michael Ohlman
    Greg Jenkins
    Michael Colvin

    Pool C
    Mark Wampler
    Duston Moore
    Rollin Absher
    Nathaniel Romans
    Jason Woogs
    Mike Owen
    Jason Service
    Billy Armes
    Michael Ford

    Pool D
    Tommy Bronson
    Dave Minks
    Steve Simpson
    Dave Hood
    Adam Naumann
    Judge Blevins
    Charlie Cartwright
    Damien Kinser
    Johnny Williams

    Pool E
    Johnny Malone
    Roger Slaten
    Ross Heichelbech
    Kris Delaney
    Brian Bottom
    Doug Wiley
    Brian Sanford
    Brian Lacefield
    Terry Minks
    Phil Roberts
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    We should be done around 2pm so everyone can stay and play another round for the winter snow globe league.
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    tourney format looks like a lot of fun...glad you guys are keeping up the disc golf bag tag challenge

    I will unfortunantly be unable to attend as I will be working sunday morning...good luck everyone, Ill try and make it to league afterwards

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    The current payout right now is $492. This can go up if people play who didn't buy a bag tag earlier. Daniel and I have set up flags for all of the temp holes if you are not doing the doubles event tomorrow and want to check out those placements. Any holes that have short pads, those will be what are used as short pads otherwise look for orange flags. All of the long pads are the regular course long pads. One that may be hidden at first is on hole 2. This short pad is up to the right near the tee box for hole 3. Any other questions, just ask. We will also go over all of this and more at the player meeting.
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    Thanks to those who came out. Here are the final scores.

    Name, # of skins, second round score, money won
    Michael Ohlman, 2, 30, $150
    Daniel Allgeier, 5, 33, $75
    James McCormick, 2, 34, $50
    Robby Wildt, 5, 36, $40
    Michael Colvin, 8, 38, $30
    Tommy Bronson, 3, 38, $30
    Greg Jenkins, 2, 38, $30
    Kevin Hall, 2, 39, $20
    Terry Minks, 0, 33, $17
    Scott Payne, 1, 35, $15
    Justin Marquess, 0, 36, $13
    John Williams, 1, 36, $12
    Jason Woogs, 0, 38, $10

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    Dang! Michael putting it to ya'll.

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    When will the 2013 end of year tournament be & where ?
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    sometime middle november to early december. probably at iroquois. stay tuned.
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