Thanks to everyone for coming out to the meeting. I didn't count, but we had a good turnout of 20+ people.

If you didn't make the meeting, here's what you missed:

The club is becoming a 501c3 non-profit. One of the requirements for non-profits is to have a board of directors. The job of the board is to help the club grow and thrive by taking on specific tasks, to over see all aspects of the club, and (since we will be a non-profit) make sure no one is making money off the club. Here are the members of the board of directors and their positions:

Judge Blevins - Treasurer
Phil Roberts - Community Outreach
Dave Greenwell - Park Liaison
Sam Shaheen - League Coordinator
Martin Young - Public Relations
Jim Reynolds & James McCormick - Tournament Assistants
Mark Wampler - Member Relations
Adam Embrey - Graphic Artist

If the club will have me, I am willing to act as the president of the board in 2013. At the end of 2013 I plan to step down and let someone else take over as president of the board.

The club by laws were updated and voted upon and approved at our 10-21-12 meeting. They are now only for you to read, click here.

There are a number of things going on in the club right now.
  • Dave Greenwell put in a bid to the PDGA to host the 2015 US Masters.
  • Winter leagues are under way, click here to find out where they'll be at this Sunday at 2pm
  • The CVO date of July 27-28, 2013 has been approved by the PDGA and will be an A tier again. The tournament will be held at Charlie Vettiner and Seviren Lang. Judge Blevins will be the TD this year. The characture of the 2012 winner, Dave Feldberg, is nearing completion.
  • The Resolution Bowl will be on New Years Day, look for more information about this in the next few days.
  • Mark and I are working on ideas for merchandise for the 2013 club membership drive. More info about that soon.
I believe that's covers about everything, if I missed something please post about it.

Thanks ~ Adam