When: Monday, November 26th at 7pm

Where: BBC Restaurant at the corner of Main and 3rd St in downtown Louisville

Who: Everyone is welcome to come

Why: To discuss the future of the club and Board of Directors.

As we become a non-profit 501c3, one of the things we need is a board of directors. So far, the following people have volunteered to be on the board: Dave Greenwell, Martin Young, Phil Roberts, James McCormick, Judge Blevins, Sam Shaheen, Jim Reynolds, Mark Wampler and Adam Embrey. Others are welcome and encouraged to take a more active role in the club by becoming part of the Board of Directors.

The purpose of the board is to oversee the club and each member of the board of directors will take on a role that will help the club like Treasurer, Community Outreach, Park Liaison, League Coordinator, Public Relations, Tournament Assistant, Member Relations and Graphic Artist.

The main purpose of the meeting is to get the board together, discuss their individual roles and how they will work together. And of course share a meal and beer together!