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So next season notes: NO Buffalo, Fun Farm & i guess no Otter Creek ? Works for me. Less gas & risk of driving in bad weather.
I'd hate to see Buffalo scratched from the lineup. With the planned expansion possibly happening next year the course is going to go from good to better and if Hayswood Nature Reserve ever happens then Southern Indiana has the potential of having 3 solid courses with 2 of them being in Harrison County.

I'd love to show up at leagues every week but for me scheduling around the family is the problem...not the distance to a course, which is why I've only made two SGs so far this year. I planned ahead for this week.....that's why I was able to be there today and even though my feet got cold and my hand warmer quit half-way through the round I still had fun.

One suggestion, if the weather plus the distance is why 3 people showed up today then how about putting Buffalo more towards the beginning and end of the schedule. You'd have a better chance of having favorable weather which may improve attendance.