So i got my 1st pair of " disc golf" shoes KEEN Tryon WP for Christmas 2011 ( wife scored for $54.oo shipped new on ebay )!gargoyle

So 10 months later & an average of 3 rounds of play per week ( never wore at any other time )
Here is my feelings & pics of them.

They are the best fitting & feeling shoes period. They are for sure 100% water proof, I only could feel the temp of the water but never got wet feet.

Now the wear & tear i put on them.

My plant foot / fallow through foot ( right shoe ) took a beating. both inside & outside edge


10 MONTHS OLD ( torn up inside a bit at heals only )



The water proof fabric is the last inside layer so my feet always stayed dry. I just added some hot glue on the worn through spots to last longer.
Be great if the added thick rubber protectant in those spots.

all & all i ended up buying the same pair of shoes this week ( ebay $74.oo new shipped ). Give them another try. Maybe i'll work on my form to help with the drag on them.

If they didn't feel & fit so good i would have moved on to some other style they have.

THANKS for reading my review & i hope it helps

Mike D playing since 2009