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Thread: New Puzzle. First correct answer gets a new Blizzard Destroyer


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    Default New Puzzle. First correct answer gets a new Blizzard Destroyer

    For the coveted pink Blizzard Destroyer 159grams, answer this question. First correct answer wins.

    one answer per person.

    He’s the “tallest disc golfer” and you’ve most likely never heard of him, but he shares his hometown with a disc golf legend. Take the 3rd letter of this tall disc golfer’s last name, turn it upside down, you now have a new letter.

    Take this new letter, AND it’s numerical place in the alphabet, and you now have 75% of a modern violent street gang’s name. This street gang originated in a certain city.

    Take the year that this city last had a winning Super Bowl team, and add up the sum of that years’ numerals then subtract one.. Take this new number, add 12 baker’s dozens to this number, you now have a new number. Subtract a gross from this number, you now have a new number.

    Take this new number, and see who came in that position at this year’s first large pdga tournament (national scale). Take the amount of money they won at this event and add 802 to it. You now have a new number.

    There were 2 people at that same tournament (In the open division) that had a player rating that is the same as this new number. Take the player that lives further east and click on his name. In 2011 this player played in a certain number of tournaments, this is your new number.

    In scrabble there are a few letters whose value is the same as this new number. Take the letter whose alphabetical position is the latest. This letter is the stock symbol for a company on the stock exchange.

    Take this company’s stock price’s 52 week low. Take this price amount in dollars, about how many Euros would this be (round to nearest even numeral)

    Take this new number, and apply it to the periodic table, it is the atomic number for this element, who’s abbreviated symbol is what? This symbol is numerically how deep into the alphabet. This is your new number.

    This new number is also an Interstate in the US, which is 100% contained within one state. This state hosts a big disc golf tournament every year, in the 2012 version of this tournament, there was a player who finished in the money, who tied with 3 others for that position. But this player is the farthest thrower of the players he’s tied with.

    Click on his name and look at the 2nd tournament he played in 2011. In that tournament, the 4th place finisher made a certain amount of money.

    Take that amount, subtract 10 scores from this amount, you are left with a certain dollar amount.

    Take this amount and add 6% sales tax to it. This is your new number. Take this amount and quadruple it. This is your new number.

    Take this new number and apply it to a world map that has latitude and longitude coordinates. The dollar amount is your SOUTH latitude coordinate. The cents amount is your EAST longitude coordinate.

    Find the closest disc golf course to this location, according to the pdga site, find it’s total length. Add 25,284 to this number. You now have a number. This number is also the pdga number of someone.

    What is this person’s first name and last initial?
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