Internet Scavenger Hunt for a free disc.

The first person to figure out this internet scavenger hunt will receive a free new Innova Champion Mamba, blue in color.

Good Luck. Limit one answer per person. You must have the final answer to the final clue only.

Here we go…

One player dominated disc golf in the 1990’s. Go to the Wikipedia page for the city where he resides. Go to the notable residents section and look at the first person listed. This person was on tv, along side a waitress. This short waitress was married to a man in real life , they both were similarly sized, and they recently split up. Take this man’s birth month, and note the 2nd letter in that month’s name. Take this letter and go two letters ahead in the alphabet. This new letter is worth how much in scrabble?
Take that amount subtract 3 from it , this new number was also the name of a movie starring 2 main actors. The one with the shorter name shares a last name with several disc golfers. Take the one with that name, that his highest rated, add 100 to it. Look at the players that have this rating (the new higher number). There are a few of them at this rating, but one of them doesn’t look like the other 2. Click on the one that is not like the others, on the pdga website. How much money did they win in 2011?

One answer only. Free disc to the first correct answer.

Good Luck