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Thread: 18 favorite holes in the greater Louisville area

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    Default 18 favorite holes in the greater Louisville area

    Fill in your fab 18, not 18 favorite, but your favorite hole #1, #2, #3, etc from the 14 courses in the greater Louisville area. We'll use all the courses listed on our course directory page. I know Patoka Lake and Graham Memorial Park are out quite a ways, but that doesn't mean we can't give them some love too.

    Here's mine:

    1 Muldraugh
    2 Otter Creek
    3 Charlie Vettiner
    4 Fun Farm
    5 Radcliff
    6 Freeman Lake
    7 Fun Farm
    8 Charlie Vettiner
    9 Patoka Lake
    10 Meade Olin
    11 Seviren Lang
    12 Buffalo Trace
    13 Buffalo Trace
    14 Iroquois
    15 Graham Memorial
    16 Freeman Lake
    17 Radcliff
    18 Seviren Lang
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    1 bt
    2 sl
    3 cv
    4 bt
    5 bt
    6 sl
    7 sl
    8 bt
    9 bt
    10 iq
    11 sl
    12 bt
    13 cv
    14 bt
    15 sl
    16 sl
    17 cv
    18 iq

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    1. Radcliff
    2. Muldraugh
    3. Vettiner
    4. Dubois (Patoka if Dubois is considered "out of the area")
    5. Seviren
    6. Iroquois
    7. Patoka
    8. Vettiner
    9. Seviren
    10. Patoka
    11. Fun Farm
    12. Muldraugh
    13. Muldraugh
    14. Freeman Lake
    15. Iroquois
    16. Seviren Lang
    17. Vettiner
    18. Seviren Lang

    This was a difficult exercise because I had trouble remembering all the holes by number at some of the courses I don't play as much. It also sucks in a way because some holes have multiple good ones to choose from (if I remember correctly 16 was one that had a few I love.)
    I also was surprised to find that I listed 3 from Vettiner because I don't always love that course (although I think it's the temp holes more than anything that bite my rear,) and that I didn't have any from Buffalo Trace, which is a great course in my eyes.
    I think it would also be fun to do this where you just pick your 18 favorite holes in the area.
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