It was kind of strange. I went to BG for the weekend with a buddy who is pretty new to dg. We played Basil Griffin early friday afternoon. We were the only people on the course.

In the evening, we played Phil Moore. Again, the only players on the course until we reached hole 15 and there was a 3 some on 2.

Saturday morning at Lover's Lane. Again, no one there from beginning to end. I think the slight rain may have been a factor. I played Preston Miller after lunch. No one on the course and the weather was nice. We played Kereiakes that night and only saw a threesome, a boyfriend and gf together, and a single on the course.

Sunday morning at Holler in the Hills. No one but us.

I really expected more people playing, but I guess with so many courses in the area there are too many choices for a course to get too crowded. Must be nice.