Paoli could be phenomenal if you end up with the right tract of land. When you hear "rolling hills of southern Indiana," that personifies Orange County and you could have some great elevation changes, not to mention there are tons of little streams running through the area.

As for Harrison County, I was just sitting down in the parking lot at South Harrison Park and imagining the possibilities. There are tons of woods there---about 3 or 4 different patches of woods that could allow for great holes and maybe some open holes between the patches of woods (I'm beginning to prefer wooded holes just because of the shade!) For those who've never been there, (and that's probably just about everyone,) it's kind of a Buffalo Trace without the lake. There are 3 or 4 softball/little league fields there and a swimming pool, and then there is a camping area like BT. For selfish reasons I'm hoping for a course at Hayswood Park in Corydon first but SHP can be great, too.
Get an expanded Buffalo, two other new courses in the county, and we have the option of a BIG tournament like BG Ams because you could use Corydon as the hub and you'd have a course in town (Hayswood,) one two or three miles outside of town (Fun Farm, if you want to use it,) South Harrison about 10 or 15 miles to the southeast, Buffalo Trace 15 miles north, Seviren Lang about that far to the east, and Meade Olin and Otter Creek 15/20 miles to the south.