I got off to the right down the hill on my drive and found it, but throwing out I lost the second shot. I was attempting to throw a little roller that would have probably gone somewhere between the last tree on the left and the basket, but I slightly clipped a tree coming out of the woods and have no idea where I went. It could have turned it left which would have gone down the hill into the muck heading towards #14s tee, it could have gone past the basket into that stuff, or it could have turned right back towards the dry lake bed. I looked in all three places.
I'm not having a lot of luck getting discs back there at this point. I'm still missing a blue Champion Boss (left of the am pad on #16,) a purple/white/blue/green Flick somewhere on the right on #17, an orange Star Boss just across the fairway from the Flick, a glow Destroyer in the thick stuff to the left of the last tunnel on #11, and a yellow Champion Boss waaaaay left on #7. I'd surrender all the others for that Flick, though.