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Thread: best disc golf shoes or toughest

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    There is a Quest Outdoors in St. Matthews. They have a lot of climbing and hiking gear, and a nice collection of shoes. I seen they had Keens and vibram shoes. Not sure how cheap they are though.

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    OK so my KEEN TRYON WP lasted 10 months before they needed some hot glue gun support. I played disc golf about 1 -2 times a week over that 10 months. My plant foot got worn down on both the inside & outside edge. I worn a hole on both sides down to the water proofing fabric before i added some hot glue to take the fallow through dragging.

    good thing is my wife scored them for $65.oo shipped

    still great feeling 100% perfect shoe for my game. So I just now bought another set of the same color, size & style for $75.oo shipped. Lets see how long these last & maybe i can keep a preventative step ahead or the damage.

    BTW i find these great deals on Ebay
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    I have a pair of Keens I got for Christmas. The toecap on my left shoe (my drag foot with a left-hand forehand,) has worn all the way through the rubber. The rest of the shoes are still in great shape, and there isn't even any degredation of tread. I'm thinking of taking them to a shoe repair place and having a steel toe cap put over that one if they can do it. I don't care if it looks good, I just want it to last (and if I wear through the rubber covering to a steel toe I might generate sparks when I drive. That's kind of a cool effect.)
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    I used to drag my toe more then i do shoes last longer...just gotta change your form some...ill give though when it comes to throwing forehand its difficult

    you gotta get worse to get better...Keen is the best though for toe issues...I also tried using skateboarding shoes for a while, they are great on pads but everywhere else they mostly sucked

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