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Thread: Courtesy Cash for Aces

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    Default Courtesy Cash for Aces

    Reading about Daniels most recent ace it made me think of something that has never really been a tradition in this area. Everywhere else that I've ever played if you get a chain shot or an ace you get paid by EVERYONE who witnesses it. The going rate is $2 for a chain shot and $5 for an ace. This is paid by everone who saw the ace on top of any ace pool.

    So next time you get an ace, turn to your buddies and tell them to pay up. Also, if you see an ace, make the moment more special for the individual that got the ace by sparing a few bucks.
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    That would have been sweet a couple years back when I aced hole #1 at Muldraugh before the Gold Vault Open. Easily 25 witnesses =D

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    We've always done 51 where u get a dollar for basket and above. 5 for ace.
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