Minutes From 7/30/12 Meeting


No roll call was taken at this meeting but I counted around 15 people. Thanks to those who came out.

Club Balance

We currently have a little over $500 in the club account. This will increase as soon as league money is collected from Phil.

Course Maintenance

Keep an eye out for scheduled workdays at CV, IQ, and SL in the next few weeks. Masters will be here before we know it and there will be atleast two more workdays at each course. Please help out even if its only ten minutes or so. Every little bit helps and it shows.

2012 US Masters

So far we have raised $1,400 for this event. This is in addition to what we will recieve from our sponsors.

We will need atlease six regulation baskets for the added holes. This means no single chain setups. If you have one or two we can use please let us know.

We are in need of hole sponsors for this event still. Please ask around so we can fill the spots and raise more money.

There is also a volunteer list for all three courses. If you can help out in anyway please let us know. We will need many people to help out even if you can only spare ten minutes, an hour or one day. Non disc golfers are welcome to help as well.

More Masters info found here on a small write up and the main page: http://www.pdga.com/2012-us-masters-0 and http://www.pdgausmasters.com/index.php?pag=home.

Upcoming Events

Buffalo trace Open is Aug 11th - Info here: http://louisvillediscgolf.com/forum/...ead.php?t=5284

Dubois County Park DGC Grand Opening is Aug 12th - Info here: http://louisvillediscgolf.com/forum/...ead.php?t=5322

Brandenburg Open/USDGC Qualifier is Aug 18th

CV Cookout is Aug 28th - Come play leagues and have some food

FATPAD is Sept 22nd - Info here: http://louisvillediscgolf.com/forum/...ead.php?t=5305

Bag Tag Event to be announced later - There is $307 in the pot so far for the end of the year event.

We are also looking for people to organize more cookouts. If you have a grill and are interested let us know.

New Courses

Dave is still talking to the state parks board in regaurds to the course at EP Tom Sawyer.

We are looking to form a committee that will scout out new course proposals and attend meetings with park/gov officials. Please let us know if this interest you. Louisville is long overdue for a new course. lets get it done even if there is only room for nine holes.


The club has drifits from the 2012 CVO and two club stamped stools left over that we are looking to sell. Get with Adam on pricing if you are interested.

Dave Greenwell was awarded the Bob West Memorial Sportmanship Award at Worlds so congratulate him next time you see him.