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Thread: looking into moving to kentucky

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    Default looking into moving to kentucky

    so my name is rj mazza. most just call me mazza, or wife is talking about wanting to move back home to Louisville. and i'm interested in the disc golf scene down there. i'm a MA1 player up here in the N.W. so looking for an ideal of the courses there in and around Kentucky. and if there are any good shops around there. thanks for ny info you all may hve for a possible future kentucky disc golfer

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    Hello Mazza! I'm Steve Simpson, co-founder of the Louisville Disc Golf Club. We have two courses in the city with hopes of another in the future. There are several outside the city within 30 to 40 minutes. We have a strong club to offer you, right now about 70 members. We run leagues summer and winter and have about 2-3 tournys per year that we run. Our biggest event is the Charlie Vettiner Open, past winners include Ken Climo and Dave Feldberg. Louisville is a fun town to live in with a lot going on, hope to see you down here with us.

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    Hi Mazza. We have two championship caliber courses, Charlie Vettiner in Louisville and Seviren Lang just across the river in Indiana. One of the great thing about the Louisville area courses is we might not have the most courses, but they're all quality courses meaning we don't have a single course that isn't worth playing.

    We have leagues 3 days a week. The club itself runs a few tournaments including an A tier like Steve said. Between those tourneys, the ones from the greater area, and the region (Indy, Evansville, Owensboro, Bowling Green, Lexington and Cincinnati), there are constantly tournaments going on within 1.5-2 hour radius of Louisville.

    In the link below you can click on the map to get more detailed information about each of the area courses, or scroll down to see what each of the courses is rated on

    Our Lousiville DG store recently closed. The next closest store is at River Town Spirits in Brandenburg, KY between Otter Creen and Meade-Olin parks. Eddie has a very large selection of discs and stocks mainly Innova and Discraft.

    I know you said you're wife is from here so you're probably all set, but if you need any local information about good and bad areas, schools, etc just let us know and we'll do what we can to help.

    I hope all goes well with the move, let us know when you get here.
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