hey folks,
I lost 2 discs at Severin on Sat. 7/21 and will provide a nice reward if found and returned.
1st one is a yellow 2010 Am Worlds Z Nuke (under-stamp) and I lost it to the left of the first ball field on the long 1000ft hole. This one belonged to my son (and he's not too happy about it....) and unfortunately didn't have a name on it. the top has a round black stamp that says 2010 Am Worlds.

The second one I lost is a sweet old KC Wide Open Roc - lost it on hole 15 to the right about 50ft short of the basket.
I've had this one in my bag since 1997 or so, so as you can imagine, am hating to lose it.

Was down there to check out Severin and Charlie V before coming to the US Masters next month.
Would be totally awesome to get these babies back in the bag.

You can contact me at dj9985@hotmail.com
Like I said, I'll provide a nice reward if returned.....

thanks all,
Dennis Janney