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Thread: Some rules suck

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    Quote Originally Posted by MarcusGresham View Post
    I was told by someone that the Otter Creek course (and those very same baskets) were put there by Steady Ed himself, and as sort of a lasting tribute that's the reason there's a strong unlikelihood that they'll be modified to accommodate modern discs.
    Personally I think the baskets are part of what make OC what it is. I only made a suggestion to add a piece of metal to keep the discs from falling through. Other than that I would not want them changed one bit.

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    Never concede! I don't see where it says it must be at rest, and if it did it'd be flawed. It would have to mention under what frame of reference. Also if a disc just hit the basket I'm sure some of the energy was transferred causing a vibration to the basket in which technically you disc wouldn't be at rest to the basket. Therefore if this at rest is the argument we'd be waiting a long time to hole out.

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