This game is frustrating.

My first time playing was about a year ago, I'd play like once every 2-3 months with my brothers when I'd go to St. Louis. Now, the last 2 months or so, I've been playing at least once a week. I started to think I was getting better, but after posting on dgcr and reading and watching tons of disc golf stuff, I realized I was getting better because I'd try to throw discs that were too fast by anhyzering and using OAT.

So, once I realized that wouldn't get me far, I've been trying to correct my throw with proper form, and bought slower speed discs to boot. Thing is, it's beyond confusing... There is so much information I've loaded into my head that I can't find where to begin. I've tried hammer drills and the right pec drills and the towel snapping but nothing is stopping my discs from going short and fading hard left (I throw RHBH btw). I feel like trying to make sense of everything is actually making me worse/frustrated.

So, I figure louisville has some pretty good golfers from what I can tell. I was wondering if someone could maybe work with me in field practice and help me simplify things so I can get my form/throw headed in the right direction. As it is, I feel like I'm getting nothing out of playing.

So if this is possible, post here or shoot me a PM so we can discuss. I'm off mondays, work at 4PM most other days.