I just realized that if I lose my beat-to-hell DX Valkyrie anytime soon I'm in a world of hurt, and I don't have time for my Champ. Valkyrie to get the crap beat out of it enough to turn it over with my weak-ass throw, SO I'm going to break down and try some new drivers that are (in theory) so understable that even I can turn them over out of the box.

Which brings me to my question: Where would I find one of the following that I could go buy right now, w/o having to order it online?

1. Vulcan (pref. Star, but would try Pro)
2. Katana (pref. Blizzard, but would try others)
3. Anything else that I could turn over easy (I'm not very familiar w/ other manufacturers)

Obviously I'd like the lowest weights possible, since as I mentioned above, I can't even turn over a brand new 168g Valkyrie.

Thanks in advance!!