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Thread: Found Chris Pennington's disc at Iroquois a couple weeks ago

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    Default Found Chris Pennington's disc at Iroquois (*update* - returned to owner!)

    I found a pink Discraft driver at Iroquois 2-3 weeks ago, among the trees and brush, behind hole #5. I'm pretty sure that is where I found it. In any case, the back of the disc has "Chris Pennington" written on it in black, but there is no contact information there. If anyone knows who this is then please pass along my email address so we can get in touch and I can get him his disc back. Thanks.

    BTW, I also lost a disc there a few weeks ago, in the drink on hole #2. I don't expect to recover it, but perhaps someone will eventually fish it up and see my post on here. It's a green Discraft Elite XL, the old school kind. There is no ID on the back of it.

    update (06/06/12): returned to Chris today at Iroquois.
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