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    Default Charlie Vettiner League

    Where: Charlie Vettiner Disc Golf Course

    When: Tuesdays at 6:30 pm

    Cost: $6 ($5 for payout + $1 to the club) + $1 Ace Pool

    Doubles Leagues are random draw Pro/AM partners. Play is based on best shot between partners. Players of all skill levels are welcome and encouraged to come play.

    Singles Leagues are so players can test their skills on their own. Playing a singles round PDGA members will have the opportunity to record a rated round – and non-PDGA members can still play without any non-member fees. This is a great opportunity to get in singles tourney practice, get additional rated rounds on your home courses, and get more benefits from your PDGA membership. This first spring season will last 8 weeks. A summer season will begin afterward with its schedule pending.

    The format is:
    A Pool: $6 – $5 cash payout, $1 (LDGC/PDGA) +$1 Ace Pool
    B Pool: $6 – $5 prize payout, $1 (LDGC/PDGA) + $1 Ace Pool
    C Pool: $2 – no payout – $2 (LDGC/PDGA) +$1 Ace Pool

    Pending turnouts for these leagues is possible there could even be additional Pools generated. Women playing can also play in their own pool or are welcome to beat up on a few of the guys.The PDGA will not be recording any cash payouts so Amateur players should have no worries about accepting $$ and losing their amateur status. Prize money won can be paid out the day of or acculmulated to bigger and better prizes as the season goes along.
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