Hey guys, the CVO is just a few weeks away and there are some things I'm going to need help with.

Hole sponsors - We need to fill up the caddy book guys. I've got one week until I have to have the caddy book done and send it off to the printer. I simply don't have time to go out and get sponsors when I'm putting the book together, creating the cover, adding sponsor information and their ads. Plus I'm crunching to get the players pack stuff ordered so it will be here in time for the Am weekend. Please go out and talk to people about sponsorship. When you get a sponsor and have their money, please post about it here.

Paint and flag OB and drop zones before the Pro weekend.

For the Am weekend, is there anyone who isn't playing who could come out and assist me with running things. It could one person for the entire weekend or a couple people splitting things up. What's your availability?

Players party for the Am weekend. We have a restaurant that is interested in hosting a players party. I need someone to coordinate and over see the players party.

Your help really does make a difference.