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Thread: Close Calls In Ohio

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    Default Close Calls In Ohio

    I just got back from a trip to Ohio today. I added six new courses to my played list and one new state. I had close calls on two courses.

    I played Winton Woods the first day with a Roc, Stingray, and a Voodoo. The round went fast and I was very close on multiple holes. For a pitch and putt this course was still fun. More info here:

    I played William Harbin Park on the second day in the rain with some wind spurts. I had three close calls in a row with two different disc. I was pin high on hole 14 and 15 with a beat Stingray but missed left by a foot. I step up to 16 and throw a slightly beat TL straight down the pipe but the wind beat it down at the last minute. Dinged the pole for a drop in two.
    More info here:
    Orc / Vision / Predator / Teebird / TL / Condor / Roc / Stingray / Voodoo

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    Nice ace runs!

    Harbin is great. For tourneys, they drop 14-17 and add some holes between #4 and #5. They are some VERY challenging holes (one is a 500'+ downhill hole on a 8' ridge) and significantly increase the difficulty of the course.

    My putter still doinks harder than yours!

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