I'm headed out to Somerset tomorrow for the tournament they're having out there, so if anyone else is going, you're welcome to hitch a ride with me. I can take up to two more people since a friend of mine is coming along as well.


-I'm going anyway, so don't worry about gas money or anything like that, if you feel obligated for some reason you can buy me a gatorade or something.

-I don't care what you do before or during the tournament, but it's a non-smoking non-drinking car.

-Don't be scared, I'm driving our nice car, not the pink beetle.

-Depending on where you live, be ready to leave early. I'm crazy paranoid about being places on time and I'm picking up my friend at 7, so you'll need to be ready prior to that. If you can make it to the Highlands to be picked up that would help.

-I won't be sticking around very long after, so you'll be back in town about as quick as possible afterwards.

If you are interested, email me as opposed to sending me a PM on here since I'm going to try to practice today so I don't know when I'll be back on here, but I get email on my phone and we can exchange contact info: it's douglas (dot) wiley (at) gmail (dot) com

Worst case scenario you save some gas. I swear to god though if you play rec and beat me, you'll have to hear about it the entire way back