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Thread: returned discs galore last night

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    Default returned discs galore last night

    at leagues last night i have never seen so many lost/misplaced/confused discs find there owners again

    I returned a stingray to Damien - who said he had a star katana that belongs to the guy who gave me his stingray

    Looking for the guy orange katana - First Ace on hole 1 at Seviren - cant remember your name

    Kyle got back a pro wraith from Kris who was on our card

    I returned a champ sidewinder to Daniel that I found while cleaning up hole 11

    I returned a westside king to James I was given at the goat path this past weekend.

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    Eric Gallessur now has your putter too. I would have given it to Sam but I didn't have it on me when I saw him but did when I saw Gallessur.
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