Disc Golf Skill Based Competition

$15 Entry fee
$5 Field events

Saturday March 10

... Registration starts at 9:00
Clinics run from 10:00 - 11:30
Start at 12:00

Competitors will compete for points in a skill shot format. Each throw will be used to gain points. Only a select number of throws will be thrown to try for points. Different points will be awarded based on the difficulty of the shot presented. There will be two “drive to” zones in which the participant will either try to land in the closer easier zone for minimum points or try for the not necessarily longer but harder zone for more points. There will also be 3 “putt from” zones in which contestants will pick one to try to make a putt; the three putting areas will be worth different amount of points based on the difficulty presented.

Driving: Only one shot per “Tee” area will be allowed, the player does not have to choose which zone to land in. Points can only be gained by coming to rest in one of the two layup areas. The landing areas will be clearly marked with paint or flags, if any part of the disc is in, then the disc will be considered in. After each player has completed their drive and points are awarded the players will pick up their discs and move on to the putting areas or next Tee area if the hole has more than one.

Putting: Each player will have the opportunity to try one of three different putts. Only one put per hole per player is allowed. Each putt will be worth a set amount of points based on the difficulty of the shot. The player must pick the shot they wish to try. Points are only awarded if the put comes to rest inside the basket or chains.

Points: Points can only be scored if the disc comes to rest in the designated scoring zones. Aces are not encouraged but if a player accidentally hits an ace, then points will be rewarded for that as well.

Ties: If two or more players tie in the top payout spot, then a CTP skill shot will be used to determine the higher spot.

Bonus Points: There will be one additional hole using one of the practice baskets. The points for this shot will be much higher than the others. In order to take a chance on this shot players must give up a certain number of points to be eligible to try. The player who wishes to try this must do so before turning in the score card.

Rounds: There will be only one round of competition. No more than 5 players to a card. Field may be limited to 90 players depending on response.

Payouts: Payout will be determined based on the number of participants. This is a standalone event, so 100% will be paid to the winners. Paying out 40% of the field.

Rules: Standard rules of play will be in effect. The only exception some of the mando’s may be modified or additional ones may be added depending on the layout of the course. The two meter rule will be in effect, no points will be scored if your disc comes to rest two meters above a scoring zone.

Fun: We want this to be a fun and friendly event. Organization and execution of this event will be handled by Steve Jones and Derby City Discs. Anyone who wishes to help or has ideas on making this an exciting event are encouraged to come forth.

Discs: All participants are encouraged to bring and use any PDGA approved discs of their choice.

Additional games: Additional games such as long distance driving or speed putting will be included with this event after the round. Separate entry fees to apply.

Divisions: There will be no divisions in this event; everyone will be on an equal playing field. Likewise none of the skill shots either driving or putting will be beyond even a novice’s ability.

Clinics: There will be three clinics provided before the round. One for driving, one for mid-range, one for putting. These will be free to all who show up regardless if they plan to play in the event or not.

Comments or input: If you have any ideas or comments concerning this event please call or text Steve Jones 502-741-0584 or Damon Ohlman at Derby City Discs 502-966-2956.